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Fractional CCO

Is your fintech startup without a current Compliance headcount and needing Compliance support and program setup? We can onboard as a short or long term fractional chief compliance officer to get your compliance operations in order.

Time to Step Up?

Customized Compliance Programs

We will build you a complete compliance program by design fully customized to your business needs.

Policies and Procedures

Does your fintech need compliant policies and procedures but you aren’t sure where to start? We provide appropriately-sized policies and procedures for your business operations.

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Vendor Management

You are responsible for the vendors you’ve contracted. We’ll design a vendor management program that ensures oversight of third-parties.

Risk Management and Monitoring

Identifying, assessing, and managing your Compliance risks are critical to your fintech’s success. We can design risk management and monitoring plans to protect your business.

Ready to Manage Risk?

Bank Partner Relationship Management

Are you developing or just starting a relationship with a bank partner? We’ll help you with oversight and operationalizing of your bank partnership.


Your employees need to maintain a base level understanding of applicable regulations and how fintechs fit within the broader financial landscape. Our courses will provide them with the knowledge they need.


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