Cascade Fintech Compliance

Policies and Procedures

Compliance policies and procedures are an essential part of doing business in the financial services industry. With strong policies and procedures in place, fintech companies can protect themselves, their customers, and their investors.

Fintech companies are subject to a wide range of regulations including Reg Z, ECOA, FCRA, Reg DD, Reg E, and SCRA.

Benefits of having strong fintech compliance policies and procedures:

  • Reduced risk of fines and penalties. Fintech companies that violate applicable laws and regulations can face significant fines and penalties. 
  • Increased market share. Fintech companies that are seen as being compliant with applicable laws and regulations are more likely to be trusted by consumers and investors.


There are several key pieces to developing a strong set of compliance policies and procedures:

  • Involve all stakeholders including management, employees, and bank partners. This will help to ensure that the policies and procedures are comprehensive and effective.
  • Keep the policies and procedures up-to-date. Laws and regulations change frequently, so it is important to keep the compliance policies and procedures up-to-date. This can be done by regularly reviewing the policies and procedures and making changes as needed.
  • Provide training. It is important to provide training to all employees on compliance policies and procedures. This will help to ensure that employees understand their responsibilities and how to comply with the policies and procedures.
  • Monitor compliance. It is important to monitor compliance with the policies and procedures on an ongoing basis. This can be done by conducting regular audits and reviews.