Cascade Fintech Compliance

Risk Management & Monitoring

Financial institutions of all sizes need risk management. Understanding the risks to your operations and how to measure, monitor, and remediate them are key. Good risk management can prevent losses, enhance decision making, protect your reputation, satisfy legal and compliance obligations, and guide resource optimization. In essence, risk management is a proactive approach that enables organizations to be better prepared for the challenges and uncertainties they will face. It's a strategic process that contributes to the overall health and resilience of an organization.

Our services include reviewing your current processes, noting significant risks, explaining the hows and whys, and providing you an assessment with risk ratings and where to focus remediation efforts and monitoring.

We also provide:

  • Risk assessments based on process flows that highlights all regulatory impacts and risks. A risk assessment is a way to visualize compliance risk in a digestible format for senior leadership. 
  • Monitoring plans ensure you maintain appropriate risk levels.
  • Reporting framework to allow you to easily share risk information to bank partners or regulators.